We partner with nonprofits to help them connect on an emotional level and raise more awareness for their causes. Video marketing can help bring in more donors and program participants to nonprofits, check out how we can help your organization down below.


Outline Your Purpose

Unlike traditional learning methods, purpose learning encourages students to connect with themselves and the community that surrounds them meaningfully. As a result, the best way to market your purpose as an educational body or institution is through an equally meaningful video that connects with them. 

We partner with educational institutes to create quality videos that impact their target audience and create quality learning content, student testimonials, and more.

Healthcare / Mental Health

Healthcare Videos That Make A Difference

A good healthcare marketing video can educate, inform and promote a service or facility. However, a great video has the power to connect with people at an emotional level, build trust and encourage them to engage with your business. 

At Engaging New Media, we partner with healthcare and mental health companies to create great content. Our goal is to show your potential clients what you do and why they should choose you to improve their health and wellbeing.

Veteran Services

Impactful Videos That Put Veterans' Needs First

Integrating back into society after service can be challenging for veterans. When offering them your services, you have to ensure that your message speaks directly to them in a way they can both understand and relate to. Our expert recommendation – empathetic video content that resonates with their experiences!

Our video production services for veteran service providers incorporate the right balance of compassion, patriotism, and your message without compromising on the authenticity of your brand.


Engaging Videos That Connect Your Audience To A Higher Power

Spirituality is all about connecting to something bigger than yourself and finding meaning. At Engaging New Media, we create compelling spiritual video content that connects you to your target audience. 

We ensure that your spiritual videos’ auditory and visual aspects resonate with your target audience, by creating the perfect script and using the right props. Our aim is to evoke affirmative emotions that cultivate a positive state of mind.

Family And Child Services

Purposeful. Educational. Compassionate

The welfare of children and families revolves around promoting their health, safety and wellbeing, and permanency. It’s all about ensuring that they have a roof over their heads, are fed nutritious meals, and have a sense of belonging, helping them develop into emotionally intelligent, well-balanced individuals.

However, educating the masses and getting this message across requires more than just talks and booklets. You need video content that connects with people at a deeper level and moves them to care about your cause as much as you do. That’s where we come in.

We provide impactful video production services to the family and child services sector, aimed at helping them accelerate their mission outcomes.


Impactful Videos That Inspire Environmental Consciousness

Video content has become one of the most influential forms of media due to its ability to move people while clearly communicating a message. This makes it the perfect vehicle for driving positive change and inspiring people to be kinder to the environment, recycle more, use environmentally conscious technology, and even volunteer – only if done right. 

At Engaging New Media, we specialize in providing environmental video production services. We bring together your intentions and empathy for our environment with honest storytelling practices to create impactful video content. 

From props and sets to scripts and more, we ensure that your videos effectively educate and deliver your message to the masses.

Increase your donations with video