We partner with B-corp and mission-driven companies to help them meet their marketing goals. By using video marketing strategies you can connect with your target audience and bring in more business. Take a look at how we can help your company.

Healthcare / Mental Health

Educate. Highlight. Inspire

The biggest question that comes to mind when people search for healthcare centers is whether they have the facilities, experience, and expertise to drive positive health outcomes. They may also want to know if they can trust the information that you provide. Either way, you need a quality video that reflects your quality of service and expertise.

We create high-impact videos with the right amount of empathy, from educational to promotional video content. As a result, you can connect with your target audience, build trust and compel them to take positive action that may potentially improve their health and wellbeing.


Create Engaging Experiences

The modern-day traveler is demanding, especially when it comes to clearly understanding what tourism destinations have to offer. Nowadays, families want experiences that give them more than just a pretty view. Memories are priceless and with our help we can share these special moments via video. 

Engaging New Media provides the best-in-class tourism video production services, creating videos that tug on the heart strings and encourage families to come together. From showcasing historical sites to museums and natural wonders, we are here to help you show the value in visiting your location.

Let us create quality video content for your travel and hospitality business.


Disruptive Videos, Engineered To Help You Grow

While every industry has a ton of competition, rising above the noise in the technology sector is a different beast, especially with dozens of companies emerging each day. However, with the right amount of innovation, marketing expertise, and understanding of your ideal customers, you can easily position yourself ahead of your market. With the right script and the right team by your side, you can create a video that builds a human connection to ensure your customers that they are making a smart purchase.

At Engaging New Media, our job is to create quality videos that keep you ahead of the curve through our technology video production services. We make complicated tech concepts easier to understand for your ideal customer, giving them the confidence to buy from you.


Captivating Videos That Reflect Highlight Values Of Your Institution

Creating the perfect balance of authenticity, qualities, beliefs and creativity while clearly communicating your message will resonate with your students and community. At Engaging New Media, we do just that and more.

Whether it be a virtual event, a graduation, or an educational conference, we have the experience, equipment, and skilled personnel to create quality videos for you that highlight the importance of education in-person and remotely. 

Ready to inspire your students, staff, and community?

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