Government Agencies

We partner with government agencies to connect with the public through an emotional lens. Incorporating video marketing strategies into your initiative can be a key factor in properly educating and connecting with the public. See how we can help your cause down below.

Our Capability Statement


Military Services

Powerful Videos That Drive Results

Keeping the nation secure requires strength in both numbers and capability. It all involves people from the masses answering the call to duty. At Engaging New Media, we partner with security organizations to create high-impact videos that educate, motivate, and inspire patriotism. 

From setting the right scene to translating the right emotions to your target audience, we will help you convey your message in a way that yields the results you want.


Boost Environmental Awareness

Change begins with raising awareness. However, raising awareness is more than just providing people with information. It’s all about ensuring that the message you are conveying engages them, resonates with them, and inspires them to believe in what you do. At Engaging New Media, we do just that.

Our environmental video production services are targeted at helping you educate, raise awareness, and inspire people to play their part in reducing their impact.


Promote Student Excellence

Advocating for student achievement and preparing for global excellence begins with giving learners and educators the right motivation. What better way to do it than with compelling video content? 

At Engaging New Media, we breathe life into your mission by creating quality videos that convey your message effectively. We have everything you need to make the ideal video under one roof, from creating the perfect scene to writing an actionable script that motivates.

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