How video marketing can be used to increase community engagement

By Erika Mac Donald

Community engagement is a new type of marketing strategy that involves the application of planned processes aimed at working with customers, communities and stakeholders to facilitate or shape decisions according to a problem or outcome. It is also a process of public participation, and consultation as well as stakeholder engagement. Businesses that want to succeed in the current financial landscape must know that generating sales entails more than applying traditional marketing techniques. They must understand that generating sales involves building a community that consists of loyal supporters. Implementing this model will set them on the part to success.

The goal of most businesses today is to ensure community engagement. They have devised new ways to achieve this. Over the years digital platforms and technological developments have given businesses the means to get their message to their audience. Organizations can now increase community engagement seamlessly. Community engagement allows businesses to capture the thoughts of the community. The most valuable means of increasing community engagement is through digital marketing. Various methods used to implement digital marketing include video marketing, email, mobile, and websites, etc.

For this material, we will be focusing on video marketing. Video marketing has grown more prominent in the last 5 years. It has become an effective way to increase community engagement. It gives businesses the ability to personify their brand. It also helps enterprises make their community feel like they’re a part of their brand. There endless possibilities when it comes to creating video content. Video marketing creates many opportunities through visuals rather than just telling a story to get the attention of the community. This content discusses how video marketing can be used to increase community engagement.

Customize your Videos

When adding videos to your social media pages, remember that your followers aren’t looking for details of your business, service, or product. Once they start following you on social media, they’ll have access to your posts easily on their page feed. This means that it is important that you post the ideal content for the right social media platform. You can make short videos that are entertaining and captivating. Make sure that the only videos you share are videos that are worth sharing. There’s no need to add unnecessary details about your products or services. All you need to do is make your videos, upload, post, and share. This will ensure that you reach your audience and increase community engagement.

Reach Prospects on the Move

You’ll find that prospective clients are more receptive to videos when they are on the move. When you share videos via your social media platforms, you’ll be able to reach audiences when they are traveling or even standing in queues. The delays in queues will seem like seconds when your prospects are engaged in watching your videos. If you want to effectively reach your audience with videos make sure they are short. They can be less than five minutes long. These short videos can be mostly watched on mobile devices from any location especially when they are on the move.

Community Engagement Help to Build Brand Ambassadors

Because your business will be closer to the community and your prospects, you will be building brand ambassadors through community engagement. This comes with tons of benefits. One of these benefits is having the ability to boost your brand on social media. This will in turn allow you to spread positive messages about your business which translates to an improvement in sales. These brand ambassadors will draw you closer to your audience and allow you to offer customer service and inform prospects about your brand. You’ll also be able to expand your network and marketing model.

Share your Videos to Boost your Blog and Increase Traffic

Use videos to boost your blogs. Most prospects prefer viewing videos to reading blogs. It is no secret that visual content can boost your page views significantly. When using a video to boost your blogs, you’ll be attracting more readers to your page. This in turn will ensure better community engagement and higher conversion rates. It will give your business more mileage for content. You can also increase conversions when you incorporate videos into your site.

Upload, post, and share videos on your social media pages. Make sure the video contains valuable information that’ll make people want to share it after viewing it. In social video marketing, you must know your audience. Include information that will easily draw in clients to your page quickly. Each social media channel has its distinct audience. Each of these audiences has varying interests. Videos suitable for each social platform will work.

Final Words

We can agree that community engagement is a relational process that is implemented at a local level involving professionals who are put in place to represent services to help build personal relationships with members of the community. Community engagement comes with tons of benefits for businesses including building brand ambassadors, reaching prospective clients at any point in time even when they are in transit.

Videos can help you stay connected with your community. You’ll do this while showing your personality and emotions while conveying your message. You’ll be able to reach all kinds of prospects at any time or place because all local businesses are on the internet. People are always surfing these platforms to see what they can buy to improve their lives. Finally, video marketing can increase your community engagement because it improves your chances of appearing on the first page of google search engines. When you consider the many benefits that using videos bring, you’ll apply the above suggestions on how to use videos to improve your community engagement.

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